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Foundation Donor Scheme

Donations to the Foundation are most welcomed. In grateful acknowledgement of substantial donations, Foundation Honours will be accorded to donors.

A donor may be either an individual or a company. The Foundation welcomes a one-off large sum or multiple donation amounts over a period of time from a donor. When a donor has an accumulated donation amount reaching an upper title, the upper honour attained will be bestowed and will supersede previous titles.

Acknowledgements of Foundation Honours:-

  1. Enshrined in the Screens of Fame.
  2. Published recognition, with date and number of insertions to be decided by HKIoD:-
    • HKIoD web-page & Foundation web-page
    • HKIoD Annual Report
    • Appropriate project brochure(s) of HKIoD
  3. Foundation Honours:-
Foundation Honours Donation Amount
「典範仁翹」Foundation Patron HK$2,000,000 or above
「尊貴仁翹」Foundation Vice Patron HK$1,500,000
「輝煌仁使」Foundation Star Ambassador HK$1,200,000
「卓越仁使」Foundation Ambassador HK$1,000,000
「恩澤仁士」Foundation Star Benefactor HK$750,000
「榮澤仁士」Foundation Benefactor HK$500,000
「良能仁士」Foundation Star Champion HK$200,000
「賢能仁士」Foundation Champion HK$100,000
「先達仁士」Foundation Star Dignitary HK$75,000
「顯達仁士」Foundation Dignitary HK$50,000
「碩彥仁士」Foundation Star Elite HK$25,000
「雋彥仁士」Foundation Elite HK$10,000
「基金之友」Foundation Friend HK$1,000

For a donation of any amount at HK$500 or above and under HK$10,000, a donor will become a Foundation Friend.

Corporate Governance Development Foundation Fund
wishes to express sincere gratitude to all donors and supporters.

Donations above HK$100 are eligible for consideration of tax deduction
by the Inland Revenue Department.

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